Pharma's Emotional Connection: Pfizer's Cibinqo Ad Analysis

January 15, 2024 imentiv

When it comes to pharmaceuticals, few names are as iconic and impactful as Pfizer. Whether you're familiar with the company's contributions to healthcare or have only heard the name in passing, Pfizer's commitment to enhancing global medicine is a testament to the value it places on people's well-being.

Pfizer, a name synonymous with pharmaceutical innovation, has continued to stay ahead of the game in the post-pandemic era. Their commercials reflect a keen understanding of what people are searching for and wanting to know.

Beyond the COVID-19 vaccine, Pfizer's advertisements extend a welcoming hand to inclusion within their workplace. They've championed the "Science Will Win" campaign, going a step further by bringing their dedicated employees to the forefront, allowing them to share their stories and insights with the public.

Through a series of short, engaging videos, Pfizer has unveiled its Global Health Program, making healthcare more accessible and relatable to a global audience. By showcasing their diverse team of employees and interns, they've extended an open invitation, saying, "Come join us."

Their commitment to patients extends to their Oncology department, where their ads not only support those battling illness but also instill a sense of confidence and hope through their emotional narratives. In pharmaceutical commercials, emotions play a pivotal role in fostering trust and growth.

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The Cibinqo commercial presents a captivating story conveying a powerful message about atopic dermatitis.



The ad opens with moments of happiness and connection. You can witness a mother enjoying quality time with her two daughters, and a young couple immersed in joyful moments together. These scenes serve as a visual representation of the vibrant life that individuals suffering from atopic dermatitis aspire to regain.


The next scene transports us to a lively party where a woman dances with exuberance. It's a glimpse of the renewed confidence and freedom that Cibinqo promises to bring into the lives of those affected by this skin condition.

However, the moment arrives when a woman holds a pill in her hand, a symbol of anticipation and the hope for clearer skin. It's here that Cibinqo shows the product- a daily, steroid-free solution for individuals who have struggled with past treatments. It represents a lifeline to those seeking relief from the burdens of atopic dermatitis.

The commercial emphasizes the proactive nature of Cibinqo's approach to eczema treatment, addressing the unmet needs of patients who have long yearned for an effective solution. So, in these scenes filled with emotions, the Cibinqo commercial tells a great story of transformation and rejuvenation. It offers not just a product but a promise – the promise of brighter days ahead for those who've faced the challenges of atopic dermatitis. This ad analysis unveils hope, joy, and empowerment embedded within this impactful pharmaceutical advertisement.

Now, let's dive even deeper into the analysis conducted by both our AI and our trained psychologist expert.

In this video ad, the presenter's facial expressions are quite interesting. They blend neutrality and happiness, creating a unique emotional tone that's all about sharing information.


The neutral facial expression gives off a vibe of objectivity and fairness. It makes the information feel balanced and reliable as if the presenter is not taking sides or getting overly emotional. On the other hand, the occasional moments of happiness serve as little emotional boosts, highlighting the positive aspects of what's being discussed. This mix of neutral and happy emotions takes the audience on an emotional journey.

The overall tone here is what we call "epistemic," which means it's all about sharing knowledge and information. This is a smart move in an advertisement because it positions the presenter as an expert, making the message more credible. People tend to trust content that's delivered with this kind of emotional tone, making it easier to connect with the audience.

So, when you combine these neutral and happy expressions with an epistemic tone, you get a well-crafted strategy. It engages the audience by offering a balanced and informative perspective. It suggests that the content isn't just emotionally appealing but also based on facts. This approach can build trust and credibility with viewers, potentially influencing how they perceive and make decisions about the product or message in the advertisement.

In short, it's a clever psychological strategy that aims to connect with the audience through a mix of emotions and informative content.


The analysis of most Pfizer ads reveals a consistent trend: human faces captured on camera connect swiftly with audiences and facilitate a relatable depiction of both mental and physical health. The linchpin that forges a connection between the actors and the viewers is undeniably ‘emotion’.

As Vidyard's insights highlight, understanding the video length in capturing the audience's attention is the key to successful video ad creation. Big players like Pfizer also recognize the importance of this factor, often keeping their ad durations under two minutes. Our role here is to further enhance these videos.

Through our advanced features like Emotion Graph and emotion highlights, video creators can refine and optimize their content. Emotion highlights, for instance, empower video creators to instantly grasp the most emotional moments within seconds, ensuring that the core essence of an ad resonates effectively.

Pfizer's purpose is crystal clear: they strive to deliver groundbreaking innovations that transform the lives of patients. Emotion AI technologies like Imentiv AI can prove invaluable, offering innovative ways to connect with people even without saying much about your products.

Pfizer's journey in this regard exemplifies how emotions, authenticity, and relatability continue to shape the future of pharmaceutical advertising.

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