Top 5 Brand Video Ads from Pharmaceutical Industries: Emotion Theory

January 10, 2023 imentiv

Emotional marketing is a cost-effective way to build stronger connections with consumers. Pharma marketing has taken the trend like any other industry to discover and market drugs using attractive video ads to create a good connection with their consumers. We have seen a lot of pharmaceutical video ads and other sales promotion activities in recent years. The critical element of all those ads is the emotion or the creation of emotional scenes- like joy, sadness, disgust, anger, humor, etc among viewers.

Branding through video ads can be a great idea to boost business and stay in the minds of people all over the globe. More than that, it is one of the best ways to generate brand awareness.

Emotional AI in marketing has shown how brands can relate to and make their product more attractive to consumers.

The U.S. FDA ( in ‘Basics of Drug Ads’ classified ads into a few categories and wants drug ads to follow specific ‘rules’.

In this blog post, we’ll analyze five video ads from the pharmaceutical industry to discuss the role of emotions.

1. Sealions

Do you have compelling content to take your audience’s attention and trust? Here you go. No matter the duration and setting of your video ad, some colorful backgrounds, characters with emotion, and a voice-over artist will do the job. So within 30 seconds, the brand Sealions tells us that it offers vitamins at incredible prices for everyone. The consumer sees people of different age groups with some great emotions. If ads can evoke emotion, customers will respond more quickly. The ad says ‘Sealions is here to help happier, healthier families enjoy a happier, healthier world’, and the common emotion we see here is ‘Happiness’.

2. Trulicity

Of course, video ads have become the biggest part of brands’ advertising strategy. I am not sure how many of you listen to Michael De Santa here. This ad of Trulicity approaches the viewers with positivity, but we still know diabetes can lead to serious medical complications. This ad portrays a mini story of a middle-aged woman, emphasizing how bright her day was, and how happy and energetic she was at her workplace, around her clients, and with her family. The brand has chosen a different way of approach to promote this single-dose pen medication for diabetes.

3. Clarkstown Pharmacy

You may not feel like you’re watching an advertisement sometimes. To show the audience how fast and accurate their services are, Clarkstown Pharmacy has come up with interesting characters and keeps a series of advertisements. You may notice different emotions of people and how emotions are made here. It is not just about selling a product, it indirectly says that time is everything. They make the promise of solving the problem of feeling like you don’t have the time to get medications. There is no big camera technique used here, just people and emotions that meant it all.

4. Chantix

Real people’s emotions have a greater impact on promoting a brand. Sometimes the urge to quit smoking can connect many people around the globe. This ad is only about a single person’s story, but it’s obvious that many people want to get rid of the habit. This content becomes relatable and is more likely to be shared and catch attention. Highly targeting your messaging can be a useful strategy for advertisers. According to the manufacturer’s website,, studies have shown that at 3 months, 44% of those using Chantix were able to quit smoking.

5. Austedo

Unlike other products in the market, pharmaceutical drug ads consider the age, lifestyle, and emotional state of their consumers. Bringing people’s engagement to the content you produce is not so easy, especially with pharmaceutical products. For that reason, you need to show something extra. Austedo is used to treat people with involuntary movement and tardive dyskinesia. The audience wants to see how it works, and what can be expected, so this advertisement creates a storyline with strong emotions. If you struggle with involuntary movement or tardive dyskinesia, you will feel connected to this sixty-second ad and feel encouraged to share it.

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