The Emotional Journey of Quitting Smoking: CVS’s Ad Campaign

January 19, 2023 imentiv

CVS Health’s “One Good Reason- Tammy” ad campaign tells the poignant story of a mother who decides to quit smoking for the sake of her children.

The ad shows the emotional journey of quitting smoking and the happiness and accomplishment that comes with it. It also emphasizes the importance of setting a healthy example for children.

The mother, who had been a smoker, knew that she didn’t want to suffer the same fate as her father who, as a smoker, got lung cancer and passed away prematurely. She didn’t want to leave her children without a mother before they were grown up. So, she made the difficult decision to quit smoking. The ad follows the mother as she struggles with her addiction and ultimately finds the strength and support she needs to quit for good.

As a healthcare company, CVS recognized the negative impact of tobacco on the health of individuals and communities and decided to remove these products from their stores to promote a healthier lifestyle. Like a saga of emotional stories, the ad campaign as a series shows its audience the individual experiences one has in various phases of life.

The ad is full of emotions that make viewers more invested in the content.

Here is where imentiv’s emotional AI technology comes in. This advanced tool analyzes your videos and understands the emotional state of the characters in the video. By analyzing facial expressions and other nonverbal cues, imentiv provides analytics and a comprehensive report on the emotions conveyed in a video, including the dominant emotions and their intensity.


In this particular ad, the dominant emotion is neutral. This means that the actors’ faces are mostly showing neutral or happy expressions. One reason for this may be to reduce the negative emotion on screen and create a more positive impact.

Moreover, the ad uses the theory that sadness can make people empathize and connect with others. Even though the actors’ facial expressions are mainly neutral or happy, the ad starts with a sad emotion in order to increase the viewer’s feelings of empathy.


Also here advertisers aim to end on a positive note to avoid leaving viewers feeling emotionally drained or negative. Analyzing the emotions in an ad can enhance your understanding of the advertiser’s message and the tactics they employ.

In conclusion, CVS Health’s “One Good Reason” ad campaign effectively conveys the emotional story of a mother who decides to stop smoking for her children. The ad has the power to influence and inspire countless others to consider their own “one good reason” to live tobacco-free. This mother’s story serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of taking control of our health and the health of those we love.

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