Does the HP commercial on Planting Trees connect with customers emotionally?

October 15, 2023 imentiv

Every ad has a reason- one is to sell a product directly, another is to increase brand awareness. Powerful brands focus on building a strong emotional connection with their customers.

When the content seems joyful, heart-touching, or relaxing, emotions play the lead in the audience's minds. For example, if you watch ‘Forest Bathing’ - a peaceful conversation between Dr. Jane Goodall and Rebel Wilson, you may feel relaxed. However, it’s still an advertising campaign by HP to raise awareness for Planting Trees. The video has two actors from two different age groups with a green forest in the background.


If an ad for a company like HP focuses on reforestation efforts, it portrays a positive message to the public, demonstrating their commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Let’s analyze the video ad, scene by scene, with Imentiv AI technology for emotion analysis and appreciate the hard work of the ad creators, who have carefully crafted and maintained the plot to convey the message with human emotions in a positive way.

Imentiv AI breaks down the video into individual scenes/time frames for a detailed understanding of the content. You may get a clear picture of what is happening in the ad and how the scenes are connected. Imentiv does this by detecting all the faces in a scene, understanding their emotions, and generating a report for the entire video timeline.


By analyzing the video frame by frame, you can understand whether the message is clear and resonates with the intended audience and whether the message of the ad looks either positive or emotional. Forbes noted that 'Campaigns with purely emotional content performed about twice as well (31% vs. 16%) with only rational content,' showcasing the power of emotional advertising.


Imentiv AI identifies the emotion of Jane Goodall as happy in this scene out of 4412 frames. It detects the micro facial expressions of Jane’s face and tells you which emotion she is in. As an example, the above screenshot, when analyzed by our trained psychology expert, rates the face as showing more calmness.


Again in this scene, you can see the emotion of Rebel Wilson, she has a gleeful and excited expression, clearly surprised and delighted. The ultimate aim of this ad is to spread the message for restoring the forest and to achieve the mission of planting a trillion trees by 2030 to save the planet.


The overall emotion in the video is related to knowledge or information and includes emotions like curiosity, interest, surprise, and confusion. From psychology, such emotions are called epistemic emotions. This emotional mix offers a unique experience, allowing viewers to feel emotionally fulfilled while being inspired to explore and learn. This balance is highly effective at sustaining audience engagement and nurturing a profound connection with the video's content, seamlessly intertwining happiness, neutrality, peace, and a thirst for knowledge

Here, the focus of HP is to increase the human emotional investment by advertising the product by sharing the knowledge- epistemic emotion which in turn helps in building empathy towards the product.


This video's personality, marked by high levels of agreeableness, extraversion, and openness, exudes friendliness, engagement, and a curiosity for new ideas. When paired with epistemic emotions like curiosity and a quest for knowledge, it creates an engaging viewing experience.

Agreeableness enhances likability, extraversion boosts engagement, and openness fosters intellectual exploration. This combination forges a deep connection with the audience, making viewers feel valued and stimulated.

Even though in this video Dr. Jane Goodall explains the most beautiful experience one could get from nature like planting trees, animal sounds, etc, it still could have the capability to implicit positive feelings in viewers rather than impact them negatively. The principle of commitment is applied here.

According to Think with Google, “Telling these emotional and interesting stories on YouTube allows HP to highlight the values its products bring to people's lives in a whole new way”.

Recent studies have shown us that holding on to the emotion of humans is the biggest power tool in psychology. So many video advertisements today focus on emotional investments which automatically increase human attention to a particular product. Jane leaves viewers with a heartfelt line at the end, whispering, "Beautiful, absolutely beautiful." Those words resonate with emotion, touching the hearts of all who watch.


After witnessing the power of emotions in the HP video and the insights unlocked by Imentiv AI, do you want to harness this Emotion AI for your own content?

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