Analyzing Emotional Impact 

Our emotion recognition technology allows video creators to analyze the emotions conveyed in their Shorts videos and make a deeper emotional connection with their audience. By identifying key emotional moments and understanding the overall emotional sentiment, you can create content that resonates with your viewers on a whole new level.

With Imentiv AI, you can also analyze the emotions of individual actors to identify areas for improvement and make sure your message is coming across loud and clear. Our emotion psychology expertise ensures that you can leverage emotional impact to increase your reach and engagement.

Emotional Insights

Gain insights from our AI and psychology experts to analyze emotions and create compelling content

Powerful Connections

Build trust and foster audience loyalty by producing emotionally resonant video content

Quick Results

Analyze the emotional impact of your video content efficiently, saving you time and resources

Visualize and Track Emotions with Imentiv AI

If you're looking to engage your audience on a deeper emotional level, Imentiv's Emotion AI solution can help you analyze, visualize and track emotions in your videos. Our advanced facial emotion recognition technology detects emotions like happiness, anger, surprise, and more, providing deep insights into the emotions expressed in your entire video, frame-by-frame, and actor-by-actor.

Emotion AI Solution
ai emotion recognition online

With our emotion analysis report, you can deeply understand the emotions and visualize the data of your Shorts videos. Also, our emotion psychology experts review your video to provide a more detailed analysis. This knowledge helps you adjust your storytelling approach based on emotion sentiment analysis. By visualizing and tracking emotions with Imentiv AI, content creators can improve their video performance, create resonating content, increase audience engagement, and result in more shares.