Dove's Emotional Connection: Beauty is for Everyone!

November 16, 2023 imentiv

Dove's commercials are far more than mere product showcases; they're vehicles for emotionally charged narratives. Dove conveys a message of inclusivity, empowerment, positivity, pride, and inspiration. It serves as a reminder that beauty isn't limited to a select few; it's a universal right, a source of confidence, and an emotional connection for all individuals to cherish.

In 2023, Dove's valuation surged to around 6.5 billion U.S. dollars, as reported by Statista. This remarkable growth underscores Dove's prominent position in the beauty and cosmetics industry.

Dove's online audience predominantly consists of females, aligning with the brand's focus on products often targeting women. Findings from interviews with 3,200 women (aged 18-64) reveal that the majority wish for a more inclusive portrayal of beauty in the media, strongly supporting a broader representation of women's physical attractiveness, including diverse sizes, shapes, and ages. So, Dove believes that portraying beauty with an accurate definition can transform lives and one's self-perception.

Dove's "Real Beauty Sketches" campaign and "Campaign for Real Beauty" represent more than just advertisements; they are transformative movements that challenge and redefine traditional beauty standards. By encouraging women to share their self-perceptions, these campaigns break down harmful stereotypes and promote inclusivity, empowering people to embrace their beauty and stand confidently in their own skin.

What distinguishes Dove's commercials is their powerful storytelling, which explores themes of self-confidence, self-worth, and empowerment, setting them apart in the beauty industry.

Dove's advertising campaign promotes authenticity by featuring diverse individuals and a wide range of genuine emotions. We have analyzed some of the Dove commercials using our emotion recognition technology and found some interesting insights.

When someone watches ‘Toxic Influence: A Dove Film | Dove Self-Esteem Project,’, the real-time analysis of the human eyes, perceives and interprets the visual and emotional cues presented in the ad as follows:

In this advertisement, a powerful and touching moment unfolds as mothers and their daughters are invited to sit together. They appear calm, but the topic Dove introduces is about the harmful impact of the media on their daughters. At first, the mothers believe that their daughters aren't affected by the toxic influences of the media.


However, as they start scrolling through their daughters' phones, they witness the harsh reality of what their daughters are exposed to. The content they watch is filled with harmful advice and unrealistic beauty standards. Instead of using the faces of social media influencers, Dove employs facial mapping technology to superimpose the mothers' faces onto these influencers, making it seem as if the mothers themselves are delivering these harmful messages. This revelation is deeply unsettling for the mothers.

This emotional story shows the experience of five different mother-daughter pairs. Dove compiles these individual moments into a moving ad film. The ad concludes with a powerful message of realization and learning to detoxify their daughters' perception of beauty. The mothers and daughters embrace, a moment that can stir strong emotions in viewers, possibly even bringing tears to their eyes. This Dove ad serves as a reminder of the need to protect and guide our loved ones against the negative influences of the media.

On the other hand, if we use Imentiv AI, an advanced Emotion AI technology to analyze the same ad, we take a different approach. This method relies on data and allows us to quickly understand subtle emotional details in the video, going beyond what human analysis can do in a matter of milliseconds.


So, from a psychological point of view, the analysis using the Emotion AI says that the Dove advertisement commences with a happy emotion that sets a positive and engaging tone, capturing the viewer's attention and associating the product with a sense of well-being. This emotional appeal is particularly potent, given the universal appeal of happiness.


As the advertisement progresses, there is a noticeable transition to a neutral emotion. This shift signifies a move towards rationality and information. It suggests that the ad isn't solely dependent on emotional appeal but is also grounded in factual information and evidence. This change in emotional tone engages the audience by indicating that the advertisement offers more than just an emotional pull; it provides substance and rationale.

The ad maintains an epistemic tone throughout. This tone conveys the message that the advertisement is geared towards informing, educating, and satisfying the viewer's curiosity and thirst for knowledge. This approach implies that the benefits of the product are rooted in scientific evidence or logical reasoning, which can be particularly appealing to viewers seeking informed decisions regarding beauty products.

The target audience for this advertisement appears to be teenagers, a demographic often influenced by social media and the quest for validation and self-improvement. The incorporation of teenagers and social media elements in the video aligns with the concerns and aspirations of this age group.

With Imentiv AI's 'Emotion Highlights,' the AI has condensed the original 3-minute and 48-second video into a 42-second clip that showcases the most emotionally impactful moments. Watch it here.

Emotion highlights powered by Imentiv AI in Dove’s ad Audio

Text elements also play a strategic role in the advertisement, allowing for the direct communication of information. The texts are influential as they provide concrete details that appeal to the viewer's rational side, offering a more balanced approach to emotional engagement.


Furthermore, the advertisement exudes a personality characterized by openness, agreeableness, and extraversion. Openness suggests creativity and a willingness to explore new ideas, which can indicate that the concept is innovative and unique. Agreeableness makes the audience more receptive to the message, signifying that the product and brand are approachable and considerate of the viewer's needs. Extraversion in the advertisement's personality may indicate a high level of engagement and interaction with the audience, potentially through dynamic visuals, enthusiastic narrations, or interactive elements.

Engagement strategies employed in this advertisement include the use of an emotional hook to capture the viewer's attention and create an emotional connection. The transition to neutrality offers substance and evidence, appealing to an audience seeking depth and knowledge. The focus on teenagers' concerns and aspirations makes the advertisement relatable to its intended demographic. Additionally, the personality traits of openness, agreeableness, and extraversion contribute to the ad's overall appeal and approachability.

The takeaway of this psychological analysis would be that the advertisement effectively engages its audience through a well-structured emotional progression, informative content, and an appealing personality.

Videos that exhibit high-arousal emotions cut through clutter and are most remembered. - Viral Marketing

Another commercial on the Dove Self-Esteem Project reveals that 1 in 2 Australian girls feel bad about themselves because of harmful beauty advice on social media. Dove is on a mission to challenge the harmful beauty advice that teens see on their social media.


Dove believes that every girl should feel beautiful just the way they are.

The psychological analysis of this commercial explains that the video's use of a neutral facial expression, visualized in the emotion wheel, aims to present a calm and unbiased perspective, indicating a focus on providing information rather than manipulating emotions.

The primary emotion in the video suggests it seeks to inform and educate the audience, promoting critical thinking and understanding rather than evoking strong emotional reactions.

The central theme revolves around highlighting the harmful effects of excessive beauty advice on young girls, reflecting a genuine concern for their well-being and mental health.

Text in the advertisement reinforces its informational and educational nature, indirectly focusing on the product. This approach emphasizes problem-solving over product promotion, enhancing trust and credibility.

The video's personality exhibits traits of openness by addressing a critical social issue and agreeableness by showing empathy and concern for young girls' well-being.

In terms of audience engagement:

  • The video provides valuable information about the harmful impact of beauty advice, attracting viewers interested in social issues and personal well-being.
  • Its neutral and objective presentation style appeals to those who value balanced and unbiased analysis.
  • By highlighting the harm caused to young girls by beauty advice, the video fosters empathy and concern, forming an emotional connection with the audience.
  • The indirect product promotion suggests a focus on addressing the issue, building trust and credibility.
  • The video encourages critical thinking and reflection, engaging viewers who appreciate thoughtful analysis and informed decision-making.

The last commercial to analyze was Dove's "Hands mean everything". This ad’s focus is on the vital role of our hands, particularly for individuals who use sign language to connect with their world every day. It underscores the importance of Dove’s product in providing the care and nourishment their hands need, emphasizing that our hands hold deep significance for all of us.


In this ad, three women communicate using sign language, highlighting their shared humanity. Like anyone else, they express their emotions, share stories with their children, chat with friends, and interact with others.

Psychological analysis of this ad with our emotion recognition technology explains that the use of non-verbal communication, specifically Sign language, in this advertisement is a compelling choice. Non-verbal communication is a fundamental aspect of human interaction, and in this context, it serves to create a deeper connection with the audience. It forces viewers to pay closer attention to the subtleties and emotions conveyed through hand movements, which can be more engaging and relatable.


The dominant emotional tone of the advertisement is happiness. The actors' use of hand gestures to express joy and positivity evokes a positive emotional response from the audience. This emotional resonance can create a more memorable and engaging experience for viewers.

The video conveys the personality traits of agreeableness and openness. The actors' willingness to communicate non-verbally and their openness to diverse forms of expression align with these traits. This can make the audience feel more connected to the message and the people in the advertisement, enhancing the overall appeal.

The presence of non-verbal communication can be seen as a powerful social message itself. It celebrates diversity, inclusivity, and the idea that communication can transcend language barriers. This aligns with broader societal values of acceptance and understanding, appealing to viewers who value these principles.


The subtle promotion of the beauty product is a clever tactic. By not making the product the central focus, the advertisement avoids coming across as too salesy or superficial. Instead, it allows the product to be associated with emotions, making viewers more likely to have a favorable attitude towards it.

In conclusion, Dove's storytelling approach stands out as a powerful force in the beauty industry. Delving into specific Dove commercials, shedding light on their emotional impact through both human and Emotion AI technology analysis, what becomes abundantly clear is the central role of emotions in these campaigns, as identified through the emotion recognition technology.

Emotions are indeed the prime factor in these memorable Dove ads, making them both relatable and impactful. The ability to evoke specific emotions in the target audience is a hallmark of Dove's success.

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