Design & Storytelling: Key Ingredients for Product Promotion Success

June 9, 2023 imentiv

In today’s competitive market, design, and storytelling play crucial roles in attracting and retaining customers. With so many products available, it’s important to differentiate yourself from the rest. A great design combined with a compelling story can help your product stand out, making a lasting impression on potential customers. Whether through visual graphics, product packaging, or marketing campaigns, the way you present your product can make all the difference.

Do you know Christopher Sholes invented the QWERTY keyboard design in the 1870s? Indeed, the continued use of the QWERTY keyboard design demonstrates the lasting impact and success that can be achieved through good design.

In this article, we’ll explore the role of design and storytelling in promoting a brand’s success. Designing your product can help you paint a picture for your audience, showcasing your company and brand in the best light possible. With an eye-catching design and a captivating story, you can capture the hearts and attention of your target audience.

The impact of good design

Every day, we come into contact with countless thoughtfully designed products, from the smallest and simplest objects like toasters or coffee makers to the more complex and high-tech devices like laptops. These designed products shape our daily lives and experiences, often going unnoticed in their simplicity. Whether it’s the ergonomic handle on our morning coffee mug or the intuitive layout of our smartphone, the impact of good design is all around us, making our daily tasks easy, more enjoyable, and even more memorable.

All these are not just functional but also emotional. To sum up, designed products have a significant impact on our emotions and well-being.

How can we use emotions to design better products?

Emotions play a significant role in the way people perceive and interact with products. If a product evokes positive emotions, such as comfort, ease of use, or a sense of style, it is more likely to be well-received by the target audience. On the other hand, if a product evokes negative emotions, such as frustration, confusion, or boredom, it may not have the desired impact on its intended audience. The goal of Emotional Design is to create a connection between people and the product on an emotional level, either for hardware or software products.

Therefore, it is good to consider the emotional impact of a product during its design process. By considering emotions, hardware product manufacturers can create products that not only function well but also have a positive impact on the emotions of the users. How customers feel about a company is measured by their emotions.

Studies show that people tend to remember the most intensely emotional moment of an experience, known as the ‘peak’ and how the experience ended. It is known as the peak-end theory.

Analyzing Video Ads with Imentiv’s Emotion AI

For example, in an ad on Third Dimension, by Kallista, the design of the cube-shaped water flow mechanism with a unique mechanism creates an emotional connection with the user, evoking feelings of comfort and ease of use. The design promises to enhance the user experience and make their daily lives more manageable and convenient.

Here is how Imentiv AI analyzes this ad.

The ad uses a psychological approach to convey its message using epistemic emotions and neutral facial expressions. The ad also conveys the message primarily through the voice instead of relying on facial expressions.



The dark colors in the ad are a form of color psychology. The ad keeps the user focused on the product visuals without being distracted by the overall layout. They also give off a feeling of elegance, modernity, and luxury.

In fact, the impact of the ad goes beyond just the visual aspect.

Is there anyone who doesn’t love a good story?

It is rare to find someone who doesn’t love a good story. Most people have a fondness for stories. Just as people enjoy a good story, the storyline in video ads helps to engage the audience and create a deeper emotional connection with the message conveyed.

Like in the ad Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, Marissa Petty’s story of how music helped her during her treatment is a powerful message that evokes hope, comfort, and empowerment. She tells her story of how it brought joy to her life during tough times. She encourages people to be aware and contribute to childhood cancer month and not let themselves down during difficult times.



The Children’s Miracle Network Hospital advertisement connects with viewers emotionally in two ways.

  1. By showing empathy towards children and using a strong emotional storyline, the advertisement evokes feelings of sympathy and compassion in viewers.
  2. The ad also encourages this feeling of sympathy through its creative elements such as tone of voice, background music, and setting.

Advantages of strong emotional connections:

  • Increased engagement
  • Better memory recall

Here, the use of sensory elements such as tone and voice enhances the sensory appeal of the advertisement and appeals to the viewers’ emotions even more. The ad conveys information and elicits emotional and epistemic emotions from its viewers.

Moreover, the ad predominantly displays neutral and happy emotions. The color psychology used in the ad utilizes secondary colors such as warm light orange and yellow and conveys the emotions of health, vitality, and a connection to nature. The black and white color also connects the advertisement to its concept and evokes feelings of miracles and healthcare.

Let’s see one more advertisement from Digital spark studio of QC Kinetics. QC Kinetics is a company that offers regenerative cell therapies for people with chronic joint pain caused by arthritis or injuries.

The therapies aim to alleviate pain and speed up healing without the need for surgery or steroids, and the company claims that patients can take back their lives with these treatments. The ad invites people to schedule a free consultation with QC Kinetics.



Using our Imentiv AI technology to analyze this ad, we discovered that the ad is trying to share information about a product in a simple and easy-to-understand way. It uses positive emotions and a light, open color scheme to give a feel-good factor. The video producers also try to reduce the complexity of the ad by focusing on sharing positive information about the product. This approach creates a good impression of the product on the viewer.

Design and storytelling are ultimately the key ingredients for promoting and successfully selling a product. Good design has the power to evoke positive emotions and improve the overall experience of a product. Storytelling helps to create a deeper emotional connection with the audience, evoking feelings of empathy, compassion, and engagement. By considering the emotional impact of a product, companies can stand out in a competitive market and establish a strong connection with their target audience.






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