Brewing Emotional Connections That Last: An Emotion Analysis Report by Imentiv AI

November 30, 2023 imentiv

Nescafe's emotional storytelling forms a powerful connection, urging consumers to appreciate deeper connections and cherish significant moments. Regardless of age, people are drawn to ‘stories’ because they are collections of emotions.

Advertisements that weave emotional narratives captivate viewers, holding their attention as they become engrossed in the story, making them less likely to skip the ad unintentionally.

The Nescafe Gold ad takes you through a series of questions, each unraveling a layer of shared memories and emotions. This ad takes you on an emotional journey where a person asks questions to a large audience.

The questions are about shared memories, like nicknames, old friends, and moments that matter. As the questions get more personal, some audience members sit down, symbolizing shared experiences. In the end, the spotlight focuses on those still standing, and the speaker shares a Nescafe moment with them.

It's a touching reminder of the meaningful connections we have with our loved ones and the comfort that a cup of Nescafe can bring in those moments.

Imentiv AI Breakdown: Nescafe Gold Ad

The Nescafe Gold advertisement underwent a comprehensive emotional impact analysis utilizing Imentiv AI's cutting-edge video emotion recognition technology. This report presents key findings related to emotional resonance, personality traits integration, audience connection, and long-term effectiveness, contributing to an understanding of the ad's impact on the audience.


Emotional Resonance

The Nescafe Gold ad wants you to feel a bunch of emotions - it strategically employs neutral, sad, and happy emotions to craft a bittersweet and nostalgic tone. This emotional tapestry resonates with viewers, evoking a profound sense of longing and connection. Imentiv AI's video emotion recognition enhances enduring brand-consumer connections by highlighting positive emotions associated with the brand.


This 1-minute 29-second video ad, around the 43rd second, captures an emotion identified as "sad" when analyzed frame by frame using Imentiv AI. The platform provides the emotional value for each frame, allowing users to download these frames as images.

(Understanding emotions frame by frame allows for a nuanced analysis of the video's emotional dynamics, offering valuable insights into the narrative's impact on viewers. This detailed emotional breakdown helps in refining content, enhancing emotional resonance, and tailoring future campaigns to better connect with the audience.)


Leveraging Personality Traits

The video subtly uses personality traits to boost its emotional impact and connect with the audience. It emphasizes the value of treasuring relationships (agreeableness), encourages embracing significant moments (openness), and includes subtle hints of neuroticism in moments of sadness and nostalgia. This interplay of personality traits enhances the ad's emotional resonance, urging viewers to appreciate deeper connections and meaningful experiences.

Audience Connection

The ad taps into universal human experiences, creating an emotional bond with the brand. Imentiv AI's analysis reveals how the emotional narrative encourages viewers to cherish meaningful connections over a cup of Nescafe Gold, associating the brand with the creation and enjoyment of significant experiences. The bittersweet and nostalgic tone, analyzed through Imentiv AI, fosters a robust emotional connection.


Ads that evoke emotions, like Nescafe Gold's, are powerful tools for building lasting brand connections and customer loyalty. Their effectiveness extends over time because they resonate with people on a deeper level, creating a bond that endures.

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Here’s why:

Connecting Emotionally: Ads that tap into people's emotions tend to make a lasting impression, fostering a strong and enduring bond between the brand and consumers. When positive emotions are linked to a brand, it increases the likelihood of customer loyalty.

Unforgettable Impact: Emotional ads are more likely to stick in people's minds, ensuring that the brand and its message linger over time. When considering a purchase, brands with a memorable emotional connection often take center stage.

Shaping Brand Identity: Such ads play a role in defining a brand's identity and values. A consistent emotional message can firmly establish the brand's position in the minds of consumers. For instance, Nescafe Gold's emphasis on cherishing meaningful moments becomes synonymous with the brand's long-term values.

Spreading the Word: Emotional ads tend to be shared and talked about among friends and family, leading to positive word of mouth. This word of mouth contributes to a lasting impact on brand reputation and customer loyalty.

Influencing Behavior: If an emotional ad encourages specific behaviors, like savoring moments with Nescafe Gold, it can shape long-term consumer habits. Over time, consumers may continue engaging with the product as suggested in the ad.

Consistent Engagement: Brands consistently delivering emotionally resonant content maintain ongoing consumer engagement. This sustained engagement becomes a key factor in building long-term loyalty.


The Nescafe Gold ad unfolds like a revelation, drawing on the principles of the Cognitive Appraisal Theory. This theory suggests that our emotions are shaped by how we interpret and evaluate situations. In the ad, the series of questions prompts viewers to appraise their own experiences, values, and emotions, creating a personalized and deeply resonant connection. By leveraging this theory, the ad becomes more than just a visual experience; it becomes a journey into the viewer's cognitive processes, enhancing its emotional impact and leaving a lasting impression.


In essence, the emotional storytelling in this ad goes beyond the traditional advertising experience. It captures the audience's attention by transforming the viewing process into a shared, relatable experience reminiscent of personal moments with loved ones. The ad integrates into the viewer's mindset, creating a powerful connection that surpasses being perceived as just an advertisement. Instead, it becomes a shared journey, fostering a deep and personal connection with the audience.

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