Mind Matters: Emotion AI Insights into Mental Well-being Initiatives

December 29, 2023 imentiv

Taking care of our mental health is crucial for a happy and healthy life. Studies show that when we focus on our mental well-being, it not only helps our emotions and thinking but also has a big impact on our physical health. It's not just a personal thing; it's something we should all care about as a community. Prioritizing mental health helps create a stronger and happier society for everyone.

According to WHO, mental health is crucial for coping with life, realizing abilities, and contributing to communities. It extends beyond disorders, varying across a continuum, influencing personal and societal well-being, and is recognized as a basic human right essential for development.

In simple terms, mental health is about managing life's challenges, being productive, and contributing to your community. It includes your emotional, psychological, and social well-being and is more than just the absence of disorders. It's also about building relationships, working well, adapting to change, and facing challenges.

WHO also highlights a 13% global increase in mental health conditions over the past decade, affecting 1 in 5 years lived with disability. Approximately 20% of children and adolescents are impacted. Despite these trends, government spending on mental health remains below 2%, affecting work, relationships, and community engagement globally.

We've chosen four videos on mental health and conducted detailed analyses using Imentiv AI to uncover valuable psychological insights. Let's dive in and explore these insights together, shedding light on the power of emotion AI.

(Emotion AI, like Imentiv AI, allows users to analyze emotions and personality traits in uploaded videos. It delivers a detailed analysis report with a real-time emotion graph, face-by-face and frame-by-frame breakdowns, audio summaries, emotion highlights, and comprehensive analytics for a thorough understanding of the video's emotional content.)

Love, Your Mind:30

This campaign urges people across the country to treat their mental well-being with the same care they give to their closest relationships. Viewing mental health as a partnership, requiring love and attention establishes a foundation for success in all areas of life.

From a psychological point of view, the video unfolds a narrative through a spectrum of facial expressions, capturing neutral, sad, and surprised moments. Its overarching epistemic emotion, associated with knowledge and exploration, intertwines with themes of mental health, self-help, self-understanding, and self-love. This signals a nuanced and informative approach to the content.


Faces with neutral expressions show a fair and unbiased way of sharing information, faces with sad expressions show empathy and understanding towards the difficulties of mental health, highlighting a compassionate approach, and faces with surprised expressions indicate unexpected aspects of mental health challenges, suggesting the potential for positive changes through self-help and self-love.

Choosing an epistemic emotion fits perfectly with the video's aim to share knowledge and insights on mental health, self-help, and self-love. It shows they're committed to giving viewers useful information in a straightforward way.

The video's emotional vibe is all about sharing knowledge and exploring mental health. It covers important themes like making us aware of mental health, giving practical tips for self-help and self-love, and encouraging an open-minded approach to embracing different parts of ourselves.


The personality traits exhibited by the video include conscientiousness, showcasing a well-organized and responsible approach to its content. This suggests that the video likely presents information in a structured manner, offering clear guidance on self-improvement and mental well-being. Additionally, the presence of openness in the video's personality signals a willingness to explore various perspectives on mental health, encouraging viewers to consider alternative approaches and maintain an open mind toward self-discovery.

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Lighten the Load

JanSport's LightenTheLoad mission is to address the mental health crisis by providing tangible tools. The campaign invites young people nationwide to share their mental health journeys to empower expression, demonstrating how they LightenTheLoad.


In this scenario, the video focuses on the actors' facial expressions, predominantly featuring neutral and sad emotions. The neutrality suggests a balanced, thoughtful approach, steering clear of extremes. Simultaneously, the inclusion of sadness fosters empathy, connecting with viewers by acknowledging the challenges tied to mental health.

Creating an overarching emotional tone, the video leans towards an epistemic atmosphere—emphasizing knowledge, understanding, and learning. Expect a focus on providing valuable insights into mental health, encouraging a deeper comprehension of the subject.

The content revolves around mental health and self-care, embodying conscientious traits. This hints at practical advice for responsible behavior in approaching mental health, and promoting proactive well-being practices.


Reflecting its personality, the video exudes agreeableness through an empathetic approach, connecting with the audience and fostering compassion. Evident conscientiousness is seen in the focus on responsible behavior and proactive mental health addressing. Meanwhile, openness is likely expressed through the video's exploration of diverse perspectives on mental health, encouraging an open-minded approach.

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The Awkward Silence

Ad Council's video portrays the struggle of initiating conversations about mental health. With a multitude of people attempting various approaches to reach out to a friend, the ad emphasizes the importance of breaking the silence. It urges viewers to prioritize connection over fear, conveying the powerful message that any effort to support someone facing mental health challenges is meaningful.


Imentiv AI’s analysis of this video says the video displays neutral and happy facial expressions, suggesting a composed and positive tone. Neutral expressions indicate a calm, rational response, aligning with the video's focus on knowledge. Happy expressions convey positivity, tying into the video's message about mental health and the benefits of support.


The epistemic tone signals a focus on knowledge and learning, suggesting an informative video about supporting others and breaking mental health stigma.


The video suggests a conscientious personality, reflecting a caring approach. It emphasizes responsibility, support, and challenging mental health stigma, aligning with conscientious traits.

Considering personality traits, the video exhibits conscientiousness through its emphasis on responsibility, support, and challenging mental health stigma. This reflects a thoughtful and caring attitude toward others. The video also aligns with openness, as it explores mental health openly, addressing sensitive topics and encouraging discussions on complex issues.

While the overall tone is positive, the discussion on mental health and the need for support may touch on emotions, showing an awareness of the emotional aspects of mental health. This suggests a balanced consideration of positive and challenging emotions, reflecting a thoughtful approach.

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The video highlights the inequity in treating illnesses. CAMH advocates for equal attention to mental health, emphasizing that all illnesses, including mental health conditions, should be treated with the same level of care and importance.

The video features facial expressions conveying sadness and neutrality, creating an overall epistemic emotion. It also recognizes anxiety and depression as legitimate illnesses, emphasizing the critical need to understand mental health.


The prevalence of sadness in facial expressions serves as a channel for conveying empathy and compassion. This emotional depth communicates an understanding of the struggles tied to mental health issues, fostering a connection with the audience.

On the other hand, the neutral expressions suggest a conscious effort to maintain a balanced tone, steering away from undue emotional bias. This reflects a measured and thoughtful approach, emphasizing rationality and objectivity in discussing mental health.

The video strategically employs an epistemic emotion, prioritizing knowledge, understanding, and cognitive processes. This choice underscores the video's mission to inform and educate the audience about mental health. This aligns with a conscientious approach, emphasizing awareness and knowledge in addressing mental health issues.


The trait of agreeableness in the video personality manifests as a genuine concern for others' well-being. The discussion's nature resonates with the cooperative and compassionate nature associated with high agreeableness.

Conscientiousness is evident in the structured and informative nature of the video, reflecting organizational prowess and diligence. Simultaneously, the presence of neuroticism suggests a nuanced understanding of the emotional facets of mental health.

The acknowledgment of anxiety and depression as legitimate illnesses may particularly resonate with individuals attuned to heightened emotional experiences.

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Understanding Depression

Depression, being one of the most prevalent global mental health disorders, affects individuals across diverse demographics. Its widespread occurrence can be attributed to various factors, including genetic predisposition, neurobiological elements, life events, chronic stress, and other environmental influences. Additionally, the coexistence of depression with other mental health conditions and medical issues contributes to its high prevalence.


Combatting Depression

Fostering increased awareness and reducing the stigma associated with mental health is crucial to address depression. By creating an environment where individuals feel comfortable seeking help, we can contribute to the recognition and diagnosis of depression. This emphasis on awareness and destigmatization is a pivotal step in the collective effort to combat this common mental health challenge.

Having delved into analyzing various mental health-related videos with emotion AI tools like Imentiv AI, we now have a deeper psychological understanding of their nuances and emotional intricacies.

The analysis of facial expressions and emotional tones using emotion AI opens up new possibilities for a better understanding of mental well-being. For those working in mental health, integrating Emotion AI could be a game-changer, offering a nuanced perspective.

This technology has the potential to bring about positive shifts, making the road to mental health support more informed and empathetic.

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