Evoking Emotions Through Instagram Reels: AI-Analyzed Psychological Insights

January 9, 2024 imentiv

In the digital age of swipes, scrolls, and seconds, Gen Z has sparked a revolution in content consumption through platforms like Instagram Reels. Instagram Reels are quick, bite-sized content that functions as mini-movies, capturing emotions in a flash.

Reels often evoke emotions like joy, inspiration, and curiosity that create a connection between creators and viewers, regardless of their location.

Have content creators invested time in studying how these emotions impact people?

In short videos, the emotions conveyed by content creators, also known as the video's "actors," don't stay limited to their own feelings. Instead, these emotions naturally extend to the viewers, fostering a shared experience.


As you watch a video, you're not just a passive observer; you become an active participant in the emotional journey. You can feel their joy, excitement, or any other emotion as if it were your own. This phenomenon is what experts call 'emotion contagion’ where emotions are transmitted and shared.

Let’s imagine for a moment- as you watch a video, sometimes, you might feel a genuine connection with the content, while at other times, you might find the visuals amusing but not strong enough to provoke a hearty laugh.

Understanding emotions in a video is key to creating engaging content. However, short video platforms pose a challenge for the human eye to grasp these emotions effectively.

So what advanced technology would you think can help you to solve the challenge?

This is where the Emotion AI comes in. It helps us understand these emotions better, like a guide. It detects the emotions in Reels and gives us a complete analysis of emotions over time.

Think of it as a bridge that connects creators' intentions with what viewers feel, ensuring emotions are understood and shared just right.

Research indicates that emotions significantly influence consumer purchasing decisions. As we explore promotional Reels, we begin to understand how emotions sway our choices. It's not just about our rapid reactions; it's about how our emotions shape our behavior.

And you know what? Reels have changed how companies reach out to people. Brands tell stories on Instagram Reels to catch the attention of the right customers. But here's the thing: stories are not complete without a touch of emotion.

It's a whole new way of connecting and digging deep into our emotions.

Let's take a look at these Reels through the lens of Imentiv AI for emotion analysis and psychological insights.

1. Analyzing Cristiano Ronaldo's Insights in a Partnership Reel

In a reel featuring Cristiano Ronaldo's partnership with 'Livescore,' the football icon offers valuable insights. He expresses confidence in his fifth World Cup journey and dismisses weather concerns for players. Ronaldo pays homage to Eusebio's legacy and talks about his dream of a Portugal-Brazil final with excitement. Ronaldo's sentiments reveal his unwavering dedication to the game.

So, that's how a typical human brain perceives this reel. Let's try to view the content through a psychological lens.


The mix of positive and calm emotions in this video creates an interesting blend. The unspoken signals like smiles and body language add a subtle layer of emotions.


(frame-by-frame emotion analysis)

You might relate to the feelings shown and feel a connection. The context of the video matters too – happy emotions usually highlight good moments, while neutral feelings might show some thoughtful moments.


Upon assessing the Personality Traits of Ronaldo, it corresponds with agreeableness, which prioritizes cooperation, empathy, and nurturing harmonious relationships through a caring and compassionate approach.

From a psychological perspective, this video could boost your mood and bring a sense of emotional balance.

2. Unpacking the Emotion of a Scene from 'The Social Network' Reel

Recall that scene from 'The Social Network' where everyone's relaxed, enjoying the moment. Amidst this, a guy, possibly Mark Zuckerberg, smiles directly at the camera, evoking a sense of camaraderie and connection. This brief but powerful moment highlights the art of filmmaking, where scenes are meticulously crafted to capture the right emotions.

"The Social Network" explores the creation of Facebook, blending ambition and betrayal in a digital world that mirrors the complex emotions of its characters. It's a reminder of how movies can touch us through even the smallest moments, drawing us into the characters' world and emotions.


From a psychological perspective, this clip bursts with happiness, conveyed through infectious smiles and spirited movements, generating a collective sense of joy. Likely depicting celebrations or moments of delight, its impact on our psyche is substantial—it elevates our mood, boosts motivation, and helps us relax.

Symbolically, it captures the feeling of being happy. Different people connect with it based on their own experiences. The clip's portrayal of joy taps into things in our minds that make it even more powerful.

(This reel is posted by 'createandelate,' a video editing platform.)

3. Exploring Colleen.Travels, Who Shares Electric Car Joy

Dive into the universe of Colleen.Travels, where a fusion of travel, lifestyle, and home-centric content comes alive through engaging reels.


Amidst them, an electric car promotion stands out as Colleen's authentic happiness becomes the connective thread that urges viewers to stay, transforming a simple promotion into a shared experience that beckons exploration.


In the personality analysis of this Reel, an agreeableness score of 52% suggests a moderate level. People with this trait are generally cooperative, compassionate, and considerate, but they may also exhibit some assertiveness and independence. The score provides insight into how an individual tends to interact with others and navigate social situations.

4. Brand Storytelling and Emotion in mehdi__akbari's Reel

In Mehdi__akbari's reel, a brand storytelling journey comes to life as two models showcase brand attires. This brief clip goes beyond clothing, tapping into emotions. The models' expressions, movements, and gestures breathe life into the brand, creating relatable narratives. Beyond visuals, emotion takes the lead, forming a connection with viewers.

This fusion of visuals and emotions weaves a narrative that captures the brand's essence. Through this reel, mehdi__akbari skillfully demonstrates how emotions can enhance fashion, leaving a lasting impact.


The psychology behind this clip implies that the blend of happy and neutral emotions within a fashion context communicates a distinct attitude. The presence of happiness, often portrayed through vibrant expressions and dynamic movements, celebrates self-expression and personal style. This triggers positive emotional resonance, nurturing a connection and boosting viewer confidence. Meanwhile, the incorporation of neutral emotions adds an element of self-assuredness.

The contrast between these emotions enriches the portrayal of a multifaceted attitude—one that harmonizes vibrancy with composed self-confidence. This fusion taps into viewers' empathy, enabling them to relate to and embrace this confident individuality.

5. Emotion-Fueled Briankellyphoto's Reel

The reel by Briankellyphoto, featuring a range of faces expressing diverse emotions, effectively captures the essence of entrepreneurship by portraying the humanity, determination, and grit involved in executing ideas and becoming an entrepreneur.


Taking a psychological approach to the analysis, this video highlights a range of dominant emotions: happy, neutral, sad, and contempt.


Through the portrayal of these emotions via various facial expressions, the video holds the potential to deeply impact viewers, invoking feelings of empathy and recognition.

As viewers observe these emotions on individuals' faces, a sense of emotional connection may emerge, allowing for a richer understanding of human nonverbal communication.


Additionally, the video could trigger personal memories and affect the viewer's mood, making it a strong tool for creating emotional connections and communication. Ultimately, this video illustrates how emotions can connect with audiences deeply.

6. Mastering Emotion in Expressyourvisions' Reel

Expressyourvisions' Instagram reel introduces a professionally crafted brand video for their client, @WorldsFamousDermatologist. The video showcases an array of expressive faces, effectively intertwining emotion-filled visuals with informative content about skincare, expert doctors, and flexible scheduling. Emotions play a pivotal role in creating a pro-brand video that engages viewers, capturing the essence of the dermatology practice while conveying its features in a visually compelling and emotionally resonant manner.


The emotions conveyed in the video are primarily happy and neutral, with happiness being the dominant emotion. The happy emotions to convey specific product information tap into psychological mechanisms that enhance engagement and memorability. The video triggers emotional resonance that fosters a positive association with the product by invoking joy and positivity. This can lead to increased viewer interest and openness.


The happiness displayed, likely through enthusiastic demonstrations or satisfied customer interactions, creates an emotional link between the viewer and the product's benefits.


From a psychological perspective, these positive emotions enhance the retention of information, making the product details more likely to be remembered.

The video strategically harnesses the emotional impact of happiness to effectively communicate the product's attributes, establishing a connection beyond mere factual information.


Each of the reels we examined has something special to offer different viewers. Even though making these videos might appear quick, it takes a lot of effort to create them. But what matters is the emotions we see on the screen – they mean a lot to us. Every reel is all about sharing something real and relatable.


Understanding the emotions and psychology behind these reels becomes much easier with the help of Emotion AI technologies like Imentiv AI. In simple words, the emotions we see in the video are often the same emotions we feel ourselves. So, when we watch a reel and see happy faces, it's likely to make us feel happy too.

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