AI-Driven Emotion Analysis of Screenax’s Ad

January 11, 2023 imentiv

A Video Analysis using our Emotion AI technology.

As we analyzed the video ad Nightmare Before Christmas by Screenax with Imentiv AI, we found that the ad has a strong emotional appeal and makes an emotional connection with the viewers.

Our technology detected that the ad, which uses the theme of Christmas, was particularly effective at evoking emotions. The theme of the ad, combined with the touching storyline of a father working as a driver for a transportation company but still finding time to be with his family during the holidays, touched the hearts of the viewers.

This ad demonstrates the power of a well-crafted story in creating an emotional connection with viewers — as the company emphasizes, a great story is always great. In order to create impactful and memorable ads, it is important to understand the emotions that are most effective in achieving the desired outcome.

In this ad, we see a combination of sad and happy emotions. The ad begins with a sad emotion, as we see people separated from their loved ones during the holiday season. However, as the ad progresses, we see the characters reuniting with their loved ones and experiencing joy, even though the actor initially conveys a neutral facial expression, it’s their transition to happiness.


The ad also conveys the emotion of love, as it shows family members reuniting and spending time together during the holidays. It helps viewers feel a stronger connection to the ad and the brand, as it highlights the importance of love and family.


The inclusion of holidays and festivals in the ad brings out personal emotions in the viewers and evokes strong feelings of nostalgia and sentimentality. The ad effectively uses emotions to create a sense of connection and relatability with the viewer.

Regarding color psychology, the dark colors at the beginning create a feeling of negativity or sadness. However, as the ad progresses, bright colors are introduced, which elicit positive emotions in the viewer. This shift in color influences the viewer’s emotional response toward the product or service.

We also noticed that the ad effectively utilized the theory of leaving with positive emotion to connect with viewers on an emotional level. It can be a powerful way to create a lasting impression and positive association with the brand.

Imentiv technology accurately identifies the overall emotion of the ad as well as the specific emotions present in each frame. In addition, it can help video producers create more impactful and emotionally resonant advertisements, improve marketing strategies, boost brand loyalty (by targeting specific emotions), enhance the effectiveness of ads, and drive engagement (by identifying the most effective emotions).

We want to share these findings with our readers and we believe that this analysis can be valuable for companies looking to understand the emotional impact of their video content.

If you have any further questions about our emotion AI technology or would like to request analysis for your video content, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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