Why Are Faculty and Student Testimonials So Emotionally Appealing?

February 7, 2023 imentiv

Video ads featuring faculty and student experiences can be highly effective at grabbing attention when promoting a University. These ads have an emotional appeal because they allow viewers to connect with the people featured in the ads and see how they convey emotions. Queen’s University of Charlotte’s “Queen’s Experience” is an ad that follows this format, telling the stories of students and faculty who share their experiences at the university.

The ad features close-up shots of the individuals as they speak, allowing viewers to clearly see their emotions through their facial expressions and body language.

According to our emotion AI tool, the dominant emotions conveyed in the ad are confidence, hope, and promise. These emotions are consistent with the message that Queen’s University is where students and faculty can grow and succeed.

But how can our emotion AI technology help this video?

By analyzing the ad frame by frame, our tool can provide a comprehensive report on the emotions conveyed in the content. This tool allows video creators and marketing teams to understand the emotional impact of their content, enabling them to create more effective, impactful videos.


According to the U.S. News & World Report, Queen’s University ranks 9th among regional universities in the south. The University emphasizes its values to elicit emotional responses in viewers.

For example, they value a sense of caring and community, which can evoke warmth and belonging. They also promote diversity and respect for all people, which may inspire feelings of acceptance and inclusivity.

Additionally, they recognize the importance of personal integrity and ethical action, which may evoke pride and admiration. Testimonials can also be powerful because they are often genuine and heartfelt, which can be more engaging and impactful than scripted or staged content.

In this ad, the focus is on positive emotions, knowledge sharing, and happiness. The use of bright colors, based on the color psychology theory by Robert Plutchik, aims to attract and create a positive emotional impact on the audience. The emotions conveyed through these colors include trust, acceptance, joy, and serenity.


To conclude, “Queen’s Experience” by Queen’s University effectively communicates the confidence, hope, and potential of the university experience through the use of emotional cues. When you use the Imentiv Emotion AI technology to analyze the ad, you can gain a deeper understanding of the emotional impact of the content, learning how Queen’s University used emotions to effectively market their university. This experience will be an invaluable resource for marketing professionals to create impactful and effective video ads that emotionally connect with their audience.

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