How Emotion AI Empowers All Investment Professionals?

April 12, 2024 imentiv

The financial world thrives on data analysis, but what if we could leverage the power of AI to tap into human emotion, a critical factor often overlooked? By 2027, it's estimated that the number of social media users worldwide will surpass 5.85 billion (Source: Statista), which is more than half of the global population. This vast user base generates a constant stream of opinions, anxieties, and excitement regarding companies, industries, and the overall market.

However, deciphering these emotions from the social media noise can be a challenge. This is where Emotion AI, a subfield of Artificial Intelligence focused on deciphering emotions, steps in, revolutionizing the toolkit of the modern investment professional.


Emotion AI delves into the realm of human emotion, analyzing speech patterns and facial expressions in videos to understand the emotional state of key players like CEOs/CFOs, other executives, and industry leaders while discussing a company. This analysis provides valuable insights that complement financial data, empowering professionals to:

  • Identify hidden biases behind the decisions of key players.
  • Predict market reactions based on how key players respond to news and trends.
  • Uncover emerging risks and opportunities by analyzing the emotional signals from key players' communication.

Investment decisions have traditionally relied on cold, hard data. By harnessing advanced technologies like video emotion recognition technology, analysts can decode the sentiments through video interviews, webcasts, etc., and extract valuable insights from various media types.

This innovative approach combines the analytical power of Artificial Intelligence with the experience, intuition, and critical thinking of investment professionals (Human Intelligence) like Equity Research Analysts and Financial Analysts, empowering them to make more informed and nuanced investment decisions.

Emotion & Personality Analysis with Emotion AI: Gain Deeper Insights, Faster


Here's what Emotion AI applications like Imentiv AI can help you with:

  • Uncover Hidden Emotional Cues: Emotion AI analyzes speech patterns and facial expressions, revealing emotions like happiness, sadness, anger, fear, surprise, and disgust.

This insight unveils the true feelings (the intensity of emotions) of CEOs/CFOs, other executives, and industry leaders during interviews, presentations, and conference calls.

  • Gain a Deeper Understanding of Communication Styles: Going beyond emotional analysis, Emotion AI tools infer personality traits from communication styles, aligning with the Big Five personality model (Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism).

Imagine discerning if a top-level executive leans towards openness to new ideas or embodies conscientious decision-making traits. These insights offer valuable clues into leadership qualities, risk tolerance, and overall decision-making tendencies.

  • Save Valuable Time: Emotion AI tools automatically generate concise summaries of key points and takeaways, enabling you to prioritize essential matters and make informed decisions efficiently.

Analyze Key Investor Events through:

  • Industry Conferences: Gain insights from expert discussions on market trends and cutting-edge technologies.
  • Product Launches: Uncover emotional responses to new products or services impacting a company's future.
  • Earnings Calls: Understand CEO and executive sentiment regarding financial performance and future prospects.
  • By analyzing these videos, Emotion AI empowers investment professionals like Equity Research Analysts to gain valuable insights that complement financial data.

    Focusing on Valence and Excitement: Predicting Stock Price Movement


    Imentiv AI (a facial emotion recognition technology) goes beyond simply identifying emotions. It can analyze the intensity of those emotions, specifically focusing on valence (positive vs. negative sentiment) and excitement.

    Here's why these are valuable predictors:

    • Positive Valence and Excitement: A CEO exhibiting genuine enthusiasm and positive sentiment during a product launch could signal confidence in its potential success, potentially impacting the stock price positively.
    • Negative Valence and Low Excitement: Conversely, a lack of excitement or subtle expressions of negativity during critical discussions might indicate hidden concerns about the company's future, potentially influencing the stock price downwards.

    Studies by Harvard Business Review show people react more strongly to losses than gains. Imagine the pain of losing $2,000 outweighing the joy of a $10,000 gain! This emotional bias often leads to panic selling during market downturns.

    One of the primary benefits of utilizing Emotion AI is the mitigation of human bias. Unlike investors susceptible to emotional swings, Emotion AI models remain objective. They are unaffected by cognitive biases, human emotions, and other psychological factors. This impartiality allows investors to make more informed and optimal investment decisions based on a rational perspective.

    Let's take a look at a real-world example. We've analyzed a recent interview with Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia, using Imentiv AI

    Explore the Imentiv AI experience and delve into Jensen Huang's emotions, analyzed frame-by-frame, throughout this interview.

    Here's the psychological summary provided by our AI and human expert on this interview.

    Imentiv AI can detect subtle shifts in facial expressions, even within a single frame. In this interview, for example, we can identify that Jensen Huang predominantly displays happy expressions. This aligns with a positive valence reading from our AI, indicating an overall positive emotional state.

    Psychologically, positive emotions often arise from engaging in discussions. Here, the interview content focuses on epistemic topics, suggesting a focus on knowledge acquisition and exploration. This intellectual engagement likely contributes to Jensen Huang's positive emotional state.

    Furthermore, the combination of happy expressions and intellectually stimulating content suggests a state of high arousal. In simpler terms, this means Jensen Huang is likely feeling excited and enthusiastic about the topics being discussed. This high arousal, coupled with positive emotions, sets a neutral tone for the interview atmosphere.

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